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Congrats, you published 44 posts! AND Easy reading is damn hard writing. — Nathaniel Hawthorne Off to to side for moment, at times there are notable quotes. This quote, Hawthorne, “Easy reading is damn hard writing” Man David Bach, Start (fill in the blank) Finish rich includes pursuit – Pursuit! another topic for another time. … Continue reading

Tuesday, 12.11.12 (not bad- part 2) actually subtopic’t

anyway can that piece of crap stop copy ing my so I can begin It’s friday – 3 days later 10:21 A.M. maybe 8:21 A.M. 4:12, it’s now 4:17 and just over four minutes gone by….no one to report on nothing of great events – just a boring dull report not to read or of … Continue reading

Tuesday, 12.11.12

“So, there is this guy a character in a movie, I call this character an asshole which is having me hear what I write as I type it in 2012, a future year anyway – i quote what he copied anyway, “They did two-thousand… – actually said scratch that based on my beginnning to type … Continue reading

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