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bitcoin boom!!! or the lottery

Won’t you be upset with yourself if you are in a position to invest $100 into bitcoin and it goes up another $13,000 dollars….worth around $14,268 cst at 11:00 on Christmas it has gone up over $13,000 dollars over  the past year for one bitcoin. Imagine if you would invested in bit coin when it  … Continue reading

Response to Joel Osteen sermon yesterday

“instead of leaking…be everfilled” “Lord, thank you” “Make melody in your heart” “overcome every obstacle…defeat every enemy” ” When yiou complain you remain” – Response to these Joel Osteen quotes is below, by Rosette now i don’t have joy but I’ve been harmed. But if you can have joy, you can be resolved with wonderful … Continue reading

There’s your redeemer Is it the book?

Come on God be my blanket The wire that didn’t make it Survive sounds – It’s time to sing the holy bible. Old Testament. New Testament March glory along. Fight a little hard (slice ‘nd bend a sword) Redeem your reward –  Is it God – It’s wish you had a brain of common sense. … Continue reading

Happy Sunday midday.

03.08.2015 Sunday- Church – people go to church. Read the bible. Listen to a sermon. Believe in God – preach to theirself and study the teachings and learnings in post and pre-church in bible studies – Christian and theist learnings. Time for to celebrate God on Sunday. Happy Sunday midday. Follow the almighty Godly preached … Continue reading

my righteous paths and righteous ways

01.18.2015 Continuation of my righteous paths and righteous ways. So those which pray the actual action doing of prayer forth as prayer is an action thereby in not doing of prayer. Got the transparent sprinklers watefied. Cement up below my feet, ground I’d led. Lightening See stuff rainbow, view the rainbow. Lightening as it shows … Continue reading

Christian original article response

01.17.2015 Revelation 22:1 “then the angel showed me the river of water of live, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the lamb” Solid white diamonds melted to a drink out through crowns of rhinestones near green emeralds and around pink sapphires sitting amongst other crowns flowing bronze from a facet … Continue reading

Next part, Best part

01.11.2015 No  it’s the next part…No it’s the best part It isn’t how good it be…Or how bad it is either. No it’s the next part The way the thing that do, it goes You gotta see how they do sing about…You gotta see how the thing do’s, it goes You gotta buy this part…No … Continue reading

writing my own directions

How did you find your own way> By: Rosette Antoinette zacie-j I found my way writing my own directions. Write my own initiatives – They remove and attack my instructions- Can provide just don’t take wrong – mistaken for directions – instruct proper lessons – This isn’t all the time, but attacking success (lobster crabs) … Continue reading

Dashboard – what’s on my mind…

What’s on my mind? education, personal finance, plans, torture weather of too cold in Texas – winds called and referred to ice. What’s on my mind? Quick Draft! no – what’s on my mind? I care. – so I go on and speak in speaking – but this is supposed to be a quick draft … Continue reading

can i write about christianity

2:03 can I write about Christianity till 2:10 or 5 minutes or something. Take Gods stuff that you threw thrash on No! not from him You threw garbage and disgust. Set it on him, not good, nor correct, when right does wrong. (when you don’t do right) [[[called it either right or wrong and harmed…]]]] … Continue reading

next assault step music

turn on your radio next step listen their wrongs going right at you called going at you what you gonna do see star out their hand em $10.00 then that’s not what their thinkin suffern where’s their superstardom then if you don’t have a radio in your car install it then – don’t have a … Continue reading

Response to Joel Osteen March 16 television

“You  do not need  approval from others to become what God [wants for you]” He said well of good things.  He said abundance…favor… I respond God seeks to approve your becoming something great and more maybe when what is seeked is great and/or more. What God wants for you is to be found – not … Continue reading

Response to Joel Osteen Feb 16 television

He said, ” go through difficulties” “Come out in abundance” “Increased” Victoria was there and even she was in the sermon sounds like the assault…. My Rosette original response by –by Rosette Antoinette He’s talking about let God bring you out in abundance. He gave an example where he used an attorney to build his … Continue reading

happy valentines day

Dear God: God, happy valentines day remember in 2011 when God and I saw balloons walking – it was hot – I had a new used car at the time, i think anyway I just saw a bracelet that one buys by purchasing other stuff totaling over one hundred dollars to express behaving. 48 words] … Continue reading

Let me clean some of this up here

She’s evil messy evil bucket container from water leaking under the cabinet bathroom counter let me me some of this stuff cleaned up here God said, write that down. He’s real. Fake God is fake real god clean evil. She’s cleany. Real God is here dirty messy – cleaned up here. God goes does let … Continue reading

Invitation only: God Assignment

Would be a splendor but great to is scripture and the holy word Bible… Would be a splendor cast idols Sam and Dean winchester – not a smite – not a shun but ceremonial vanquishings per se – a splendor to take on the cause of assignment 1. Sam does em… He is a law student. Go Dean. … Continue reading

do you have your Christian knowledge be

God – does Says God goes God God awareness of your ongoings and who one ongoing attaining Does god believe in God? And how can I talk to God? No, I came across it. Sure, I can find the other answer. I believe in the bible and with God it could be both. God doesn’t AND God … Continue reading

God gets excited about

Excited he is – excited he be Excited god, excited you will see God gets excited about you and the decisions you make when to him he likes it either way but prefers his preference and celebrates not like misbehavings but like the child that grows up or the athlete practiced to acquire new skill. … Continue reading

A lake escape

12.07.13 Look at the ice You could skate with shoes on Ice on the cement Slip don’t fall – now   Ice on the beneath Ice on the ground – slip don’t fall now Ice on the bench Ice on the leaves Ice on the trees Build a snowman for HIM, melting trees Afloat on … Continue reading

Response to Joel Osteen morning 1.26.14

Joel Osteen preached today Psalm 68:9 -‘an abundant rain of God’ He said, “[others] don’t determine your destiny, God does.” My Response to what it is about… Have the rain be rich in sort of enriched from rains of abundance – the rains of good things of favor.Specifically,  restoration of you and your relationship with … Continue reading

be a better person

When you lift your hand you ask of response to the approached from the approaching an approach-er direction-ed north. The coming of horizon “Why have all these things happened to me?” – jeremiah 13:22 What of thing of occurrence to oneself? Don’t take your best grades 99.99% qualities and bring them down. A study sermon … Continue reading

Tuesday. today – what do you do fighting for unrighteousness?!

12.30.13 Tuesday. today – what do you do fighting for unrighteousness?! what do you do in church end. Written by: rosette Antoinette Zacie I got 3 reports due. Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Oh I wrote one yesterday in church. Sit about.  Rest about. Think about. Oh. Look at that, – I started writing. What do you … Continue reading

I – believer

 I already know about it. Studied, learned, – I study it – (What they said about?) I have I learned it – No I developed it. I founded created, preachers, saying. I don’t think they saying stuff about atheist. Preachers saying. I bought4 notebooks looking at ones for sale, one says God will always open … Continue reading


July 2013 Effort to flatter to bother you and run in fear about bothering from wrath. What o say of what stated conscience contentment and to get to such points of response of flattery/ Structured as well – flattery structured, wrah structured in communication writing down what I wrote when I said what I written … Continue reading

quick press: Pricings – Politics – Cars/ vehicles

A fiat today in the parking lot. Small – not a smart car but reminded me of the Chrysler. Anyway? Trouble – ?! A Fiat? Smart Car? Chrysler Is bigger. Like I might, as a lady, like I might have said. – It is regardless! Mercedes and Honda designing a – well anyway The fiat … Continue reading

lamps – motel 6

  ashton kutcher is a lamp… He lights up on punk*d and makes funny jokes – but I talking about the lights in my room. Switches. There aren’t any lamps. There are really neat stuff. the lights  are dim though, a remodeled recently suite. Motel 6 website, says, check out our recently updated rooms. Hard … Continue reading

Police- USA- Military (My boring blab at 6:05…)

beginning  short and/or or or/and longer blab about to my fellow natural cuts. Born and raised united America states of American citizens. They are not protectors whatsoever when they agree to the systematic requirement of your protection. As I rosette, have said, in what I wrote previously of which God stole from me. You don’t … Continue reading

they burned puppies

one of the killers said, it was “like cremation” – I was skipping around reading articles in a section of the paper of the dallas morning news and I came across their referenc of a broadcast airing about it. They are in jail for 2 to 8 week puppies. Burining them. there burning them and … Continue reading

Quick Press: Do you think God is embarassed?

  I don’t think so. I hope. news News?! no news just God right now. And do you think he can be ?emabarassed by anything or at all? Really? all the things embarassable of embarssing you. So… No, I don’t think God is easily embarassed- A superiority complex? No. Superior is superior. God curseth – … Continue reading

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