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Lexus – strosphere , crust, mantle, mesosphere

11.18.14 Sounds funny. Lexus isn’t catostophic but mesopherically high or crust high = rather very mantle high, rather very core high. In 2009 Lexus released, ” a crazy carbon fiber confection. But at $375,000 it was “stratospherically expensive and it went almost unheard of” as at the same time of the release was a 9 … Continue reading

360 camera rotational

11.18.14 november 2014 Page 14 response A spherical 360 degree camera filming all surround visibility and sounds and not rowing a boat. Rowing a bicycle boat. Row by biycycling across the waters. Both devices are costly. Bublecam.com for $579.00 and schillerbikes.com for nearly 39 times the cost of many new bikes, at $6495. Two neat … Continue reading

dishwasher invention

11.19.14 There’s a dishwasher working and still at times, washes are done by hand. The others have dirty dishes and will. It only takes one wash. So it is rejected and a washing machine is introduced and looks like it offers 40 a strong anti assault device or sale attached to the dishwashing product, the … Continue reading

Mercedes Benz – the Best

11.18.2014 The touch-pad sounds phenomenal like I’d ask does it type out my handwriting to read it. That’s a good technology. Or does it speak my handwriting for me to type? Sounds like suspensions of floating fun in the airmatic portions when an interactive screen to control climate while deciding your driving stress spectrum adjustments … Continue reading

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