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Portable Heater

01.16.15 800 watt Halogen Electric Portable Heater with flat panel design.   Oscillation for even heat distribution. $40.00 before 10 dollar savings of $29.99, a heater, portable. In painful winter, deprived in painful winter from stronger heats, a portable heater is a good necessity. Portable heaters on outdoor spectators activities, like watching an outside soccer game … Continue reading

Tablet Doesn’t Replace Current Computer Needs

01.10.15 The tablet which won’t replace your laptop. The commercial keeps saying the tablet which replaces your laptop. The Microsoft Surface pro. It isn’t a two in one tablet/laptop. Those can fulfill both needs, but I wouldn’t complete necessarily desktop hardware programmed system user/needs. They are different. So I need a laptop and a strong … Continue reading

dishwasher invention

11.19.14 There’s a dishwasher working and still at times, washes are done by hand. The others have dirty dishes and will. It only takes one wash. So it is rejected and a washing machine is introduced and looks like it offers 40 a strong anti assault device or sale attached to the dishwashing product, the … Continue reading

Promoting women in current Day? Money or Rests 11.21.14

Women might want there paychecks sent to the new introduction of the Federal Express Ship and get system service locker, open for use 24/7  (how often) women would like their paycheck. Not hired for in their thinking as high as roles, they go pursue seek for. [they may seek interest in higher positions. Women deserving … Continue reading

Honda response to motorcycle – eeeww

Honda makes a motorcycle, I think yuck if I am some vehicle bad *ss- So, dorks by a different brand. I was like, “Take the label off and re-label it with a fake printed out off the printer am matching their font and logo” – It wouldn’t really be that – but if they money … Continue reading

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