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another high price

12.19.14 But starbucks is selling a thirty dollar cup. They may not refer the dollar discount store for one dollar equivalently the lowest price found at Target and K-mart for 1 to 2 dollar coffee cup mugs and tumblers. Clearance sales… ten fifteen and twenty sometimes less at the grocery store tom thumb, bookstore – … Continue reading

upper class % cause I’m poor< I can afford it

…I”ve got some of the best coffee . I like the way the serves  I was at starbucks>earlier and the upper class of the porcelain tiny espresso cup is great They place the IHOP coffee canister at the buyers table or purchasers table of the order of coffee It also feels upper class. (I’m not … Continue reading

Starbucks~~ Where’s my tiny type.?

starbucks survey Ah come on! Where’s my tiny type! You know how it is. Star bucks has a pop up survey! I won! My price is $0.00 So! Where’s  my tiny type after my survey? Luminent skin Luminentskin.com This is a woman’s product and they women for it.       Reduction in fine lines       Reduction … Continue reading

7 things: Starbucks…

Write about my cinnamon dolce latte 3 in one day – morning… I miss the dulce de leche, caramel  – it was great. The cinnamon is – it isn’t like caramel or milk and cinnamon egg nog has this fall a – (the/an) about but milk and/or mixed with water. Cinnamon Dolce Latte – is … Continue reading

Starbucks: No espresso this morning – just hot fresh steamed milk [optional sweetened flavorings]

So one could flavor steamed milk as a kids hot chocolate/ or vanilla milk, toffee, hazel, caramel brulee, caramel drizzle, variation a little amongst caramel, coconut, raspberry, classic, Steamed milk with no flavor – espresso shot optional. – STARBUCKS! I was younger, not starbucks – some shop at my local College before moving forward to … Continue reading

Starbucks – …. whatever..

  Met some guy named alex at starbucks today, but his name, /Alex G.  – well – he went on sabbatical for 5 months and I hope he’s glad he’s back. 11 minutes remaining – battery  – so he’s just back – doing his thing – not sure when they began recently – this new … Continue reading

Starbucks – New holiday Promotions — – –

Starbucks – New holiday Promotions — – – Celebrate someone you love with a Vanilla Spice Latte, Caffe Mocha or Hot Chocolate on us. Bring in this card after 2: p.m. 2/6/13/ – 2/14/13 and obtain two Vanilla Spice Latte’s, Caffe Mochas or Hot Chocolates for the price of one. See details on back. New … Continue reading

Starbucks Ramblings…

I picked up a bag. They grind the coffee in the event you might choose to purchase a pound or two of it. So anyway they had samples available in real shot glasses. REAL SHOT GLASSES. – sample things… In 2013, I ordered my kids hot chocolate at age 31 or so and took my … Continue reading

Quick Press! Starbucks Media weird prouct gadgets available…

Typically drink cups or brewed teas or coffees and various of the sorts, typically used for consumption. However, people aren’t about to eat their mouse pad, electronic, or pen, or sticky notes, with available planner. Starbucks released a merchandise prouduct for around 33.45 and also at times release a sale after the Christmas holiday and/or … Continue reading

Starbucks – Verisimo (part 2 of 2.7–) Ready brew or Latte?

New instant coffee at starbucks, Via ready brew sold in packets of 3 to 12. It came out recently 24 months in regular flavor offerings. Starbucks promotes it as instant coffee. The various flavors don’t necessarily specifically include caramels or mocha’s yet also vanilla, columbia’s & Italian Roast. Within those times, they’ve mentioned Verisimo new … Continue reading

Starbucks – Drinkware or Mug?

They have this new cup design which shows the oz an the tall, venti, or grande cup size and the fluid oz associated with the number of oz. A sandy hurricane went through and a president election went on. The cups are resembling the mug size they a white and look breakable. Drinkware is what … Continue reading

Response to Starbucks News Room Press Release…

Response to Starbucks News Room Press Release: Response to Fall 2012 Starbucks Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts… Starbucks released “immediately they would send out half a million dollars, which is over 498,879.33 between the way and American Red Cross, Starbucks can also find optimal ways to utilize profits after they’ve lowered tax due to sales and … Continue reading

Starbucks – Verisimo

Starbucks Verisimo 1.23.12 They have a new Verismo machine which came out in the recent 12 months. For just over/under 199.87 one can own a machine which could offer the typical latte which most people order, or other various combinations, espresso and/or so forths. It isn’t like the also recent (via coffee for Starbucks weird, … Continue reading

Starbucks – Vanilla Blonde( part 3_)

The Veranda Blonde they have a brewed mix to make the vanilla blonde with the mixture flavor, the different thing about it. Latte, not $3.00 to $4.00 compared to a 1.11 soda – the espresso is a coffee bean grown and later grindings. One could classify  the healthy aspects of the fruit or vegetable which … Continue reading

Starbucks – Vanilla Blonde (part 2)

Not the typical Starbucks spender? In the event of Starbucks latte’s and the Veranda Blonde the new Vanilla Spice – it isn’t your soft drink or soda – no! It has closed out over 588 of its stores in around 2008 which are Starbucks owned, they have partnerships, and flagship stores; they don’t have a … Continue reading

Starbucks~ Vanilla Blonde (part 1)

Starbucks at a Jupiter Location  located at the … They placed The female Barista at a local Starbucks brought out samples of one of the New coffees. They are calling it, the New Vanilla Blonde in January 2013. They have in the past put up artistically drawn pictures with chalk on a board which they … Continue reading

Starbucks ~ about what about…

  End of the month – Toward at least, August 30, 2012…. Anyway, Thursday at least and things are out and about like the typical Thursday. Road updates, construction doing its thing. And it’s sunny this Fall, late afternoon 4:13. I am just near a whole foods and like to enjoy the classical starbucks, where … Continue reading

Starbucks Bad Customers!

So it is Sunday in the afternoon – A late print to be sent out today and this Garbage at Starbucks doesn’t understand common courtesy. Humanity is a good concept as people are encouraged to be humane and come correct. In the event of an emergency, no one expects people to go drastically out of … Continue reading

Starbucks – response to a blog and news story

It appears that everyone doesn’t participate in the Square program just yet for a reason. Their appear to be ups and downs when it comes to the business owner, consumer, and/or incorporated retailer. To quote more specifically “There are a number of problems there – from somebody stealing your device to the problem of the … Continue reading

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