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End of the month – Toward at least, August 30, 2012….

Anyway, Thursday at least and things are out and about like the typical Thursday. Road updates, construction doing its thing. And it’s sunny this Fall, late afternoon 4:13. I am just near a whole foods and like to enjoy the classical starbucks, where people have there meetings, God comes around, checks the pricing rate. And I do my thing. Blog or report to bring – goal daily, or annually. Second Goal, sarcastically make sure to bore the audience which wants to be bored. Make sure to just be glad to chat a much to do about nothing piece. I haven’t checked the front covers much.

The few people that have stayed in within my more realistic past was much more comfortable. And so is this restaurant currently has been more comfortable than other restaurants. Who would have thought that so many other fellow residential(s) and citizens would all be willing to pay 39, 49, 59 times the regular price of a Folgers or Maxwell house coffee? When I purchase Starbucks, I only purchase the specified drink in which I had purchased for me. So, I don’t like all of these people claiming they want to actually be in Starbucks when they turn to me and complain about what- (interrupt)

I am not buying anyone else’s drink until I’d make the offer yet I might have not in the past. I may offer suggestion, like a birthday gift or just, I only would have made the offer as a payment for the one time mentioned. So, why are these things walking in here when they want to just complain about the coffee which they could purchase for 05.cents a cup at mega discount store or regular shopping store at .10-.15 cents? Maybe it would have been different for those days, when I first starting coming regularly and people didn’t swamp the place to complain about the 49 times the regular price of instant coffee.

Well, it isn’t instant coffee. It’s a brewed and/or espresso bean grinding and so forths when it comes to Starbucks. So take it to leave or to go and as in don’t show up if you don’t want to pay it or go through the freakin drive thru if there is one and don’t go through the Starbucks drive thru. So, now busy on the inside with just, not the same quite atmosphere, I’d looking for ~ like

I earn my own monetaries. Mine to use.

Original Response, Written by: Rosette Jones



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