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Starbucks~~ Where’s my tiny type.?

starbucks survey

luminent skinAh come on! Where’s my tiny type! You know how it is.

Star bucks has a pop up survey! I won! My price is $0.00

So! Where’s  my tiny type after my survey?

Luminent skin


This is a woman’s product and they women for it.

  •       Reduction in fine lines
  •       Reduction in appearance of wrinkles
  •       Reduction in oldness

This sucks! It always says I have fill out some stuff and spend another amount on products for me to keep. They are mine I spent my own money. Or somethings which I have to sweepstakes for.

So, I could select what I am not going to get. I went out for one of the following 6 items. I am thinking the tiny type is buy 2 items or something. And wait to find out what I won this Wednesday afternoon.

Written by- Rosette Zace



Anti-Aging System

Regular Price: $97.88
Your Price: $0.00!*
Shipping: $2.95


  E-Cig Electronic Cigarette Kit:
Smoke Anywhere

Regular Price: $99.99
Your Price: $0.00*
Shipping: $4.99

the list below. Thank you for participating in our survey!


Garcinia Cambogia:
Lose Weight & Feel Great

Regular Price: $89.98
Your Price: $0.00*
Shipping: $5.99



iPads & More-Up to 95% Off

Regular Price: $599.99
Your Price: Low as $40.88!*
Shipping: $5.99



Seduction Perfumes by Dolce:
For Women & Men

Regular Price: $95.00
Your Price: $0.00!*
Shipping: $5.99


QM Watch Collection:
New Models For Him & Her

Regular Price: $95.00
Your Price: $0.00!*
Shipping $5.99

I like the Z biddy price but it isn’t that high and it is more than their as low price typically.  The QM watch selection looks good. Compared with advertisements in New York times Sunday magazine issue – (maybe fashion) last month or so… the SB looks plastic. Others looked okay. The timex watch ad turned into…one of the other 4 watch ads in the same magazine of the Sunday issue.

 I enjoyed my Blonde Roast Coffee Veranda Blend with white mocha and cinamon dolce – I wanted my Vanilla but anyway…(.I think I will like my luxury anti – anging product. )

Written by –  Rosette Zace

I’ll pull the pictures later, a link up top is posted for your viewing of the pictures titled starbucks survey  – Rosette 

I think it is high end leather but I didn’t like it compared to pearly gold or shiny rhinestone diamond looks…- Rosette

It looks plastic, … yellow.. – Rosette



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