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American Airline I_pad rant

They had to learn to fly without the I-pad originally. American Airlines pilots have an I-pad that unfortunately was described as crucial.To send flight plans to. Flight plans have been in other formats. Pilots should buy their own personal i-pad but seriously! A company issued ipad,  for flight plans, come on. The plane might crash … Continue reading

Company computer presentation – business

01.26.15 Company desktops or laptops are expected to be at running a successful organization now since these decisions were most likely made years ago before the employee got to the organization. Games, time utilization, organizer,, term papers, and telecommunications function better with a needed computing device. Finance is organized. Business are launched online websites and … Continue reading

What do you like about the idea of a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop?

What do you like about the idea of a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop? 2 in 1 laptops. And its real. A laptop and tablet for less than $500.00 for two. In fact at office depot/office max Sunday advertisement of less than $300.00 for an HP Pavilliion X2 laptop with intel processor has up to 11 … Continue reading

Tablet Doesn’t Replace Current Computer Needs

01.10.15 The tablet which won’t replace your laptop. The commercial keeps saying the tablet which replaces your laptop. The Microsoft Surface pro. It isn’t a two in one tablet/laptop. Those can fulfill both needs, but I wouldn’t complete necessarily desktop hardware programmed system user/needs. They are different. So I need a laptop and a strong … Continue reading

Dell old buyout response…

8.1.13 Dell is looking at a buyout (back in August 2013). I remember years ago commercial affordable computers at just under $100.00 And dell changed the consumers and merchandiser avail-abilities at mostly from $400 – $500 before online or phone mail in computer orders of $100. or specialty wholesalers for $100.00. Dell was saying ‘Dude’ … Continue reading

overpriced computer tablets%#!]

Tablet’s. I hate tablets. I bought my first tablet today – a week ago. Prices range from 42 dollar special all the under one hundred and forty two dollars and then unrealistic pricing begins to go higher and higher. New and unused computer tablets and electronic internet devices begin at $39.99. And laptops begin at … Continue reading

Microsoft windows suites…

7.21.13 – Microsoft windows has a neat program Microsoft office suites and student suites are neat to utilize. Microsoft at Costco wholesale might be, available for consumer purchases. Update for every under 100.00 or $99.99 or less spent. Taxes on things over $100 even school supplies needed like laptops, but not backpacks, many clothing outfits … Continue reading

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