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Back up transit creative rhyme – original

01.31.15 -By: Rosette Antoinette Jones (zacie) I’m talking about Fare ticket costs too much Bench stop new location Fare inspector checking rounds bang bang Cigarette buds on the ground I got my ticket yack whackin yacked Play the train station Ride your car pool through directions skateboard your bicycle through vacations Dallas Area Rapid Transit, … Continue reading

Lexus – strosphere , crust, mantle, mesosphere

11.18.14 Sounds funny. Lexus isn’t catostophic but mesopherically high or crust high = rather very mantle high, rather very core high. In 2009 Lexus released, ” a crazy carbon fiber confection. But at $375,000 it was “stratospherically expensive and it went almost unheard of” as at the same time of the release was a 9 … Continue reading

Mercedes Benz – the Best

11.18.2014 The touch-pad sounds phenomenal like I’d ask does it type out my handwriting to read it. That’s a good technology. Or does it speak my handwriting for me to type? Sounds like suspensions of floating fun in the airmatic portions when an interactive screen to control climate while deciding your driving stress spectrum adjustments … Continue reading

Honda response to motorcycle – eeeww

Honda makes a motorcycle, I think yuck if I am some vehicle bad *ss- So, dorks by a different brand. I was like, “Take the label off and re-label it with a fake printed out off the printer am matching their font and logo” – It wouldn’t really be that – but if they money … Continue reading

broke vehicle

This Sunday morning a girl outside. Starbucks, a vehicle didn’t  start. Maybe a ford I heard it is about 15 years old. A  1990’s vehicleand some cute hot shirtless guy came to repair it after an appeared phone call to shirtless hot. White dice over a visor. Anyway I like my snippet, still Sunday I … Continue reading

Nissan- I don’t like bmw

The Nissan look like porsche’s – Only recent two years. I began to like the BMW. Models which reminded me of Porche models 0 I saw a Porsche didn’t look the same. It is not girly. I like girly cars.The smart car is a girly car. I am looking at a Honda. Sports car? I like sports … Continue reading

Solar Vehicles

7.22.13 Plano Solar Advocates group (there is one) At Texas motor  speedway their dynamics tested and qualifying a vehicle in the process by driving around obstacles. In the 2013 Solar Car challenge they will drive 844 miles from dallas thru el paso through Phoenix to Las Angeles, California. Solar Car race starts out in Texas … Continue reading

quick press: Pricings – Politics – Cars/ vehicles

A fiat today in the parking lot. Small – not a smart car but reminded me of the Chrysler. Anyway? Trouble – ?! A Fiat? Smart Car? Chrysler Is bigger. Like I might, as a lady, like I might have said. – It is regardless! Mercedes and Honda designing a – well anyway The fiat … Continue reading

vehicle – house updates… blAB

So, the continuation of my boring dialouge about the reporter, Derogatory or non- derogatory – as such I am me and I’ve heard seen, come across small events, nothing appearing to report on just. An ambulance went by today. Someone might be hurt. Out in the Richardson area, but this is a regular occurrence and … Continue reading

15 year waiting list for vehicle…Summer Issue 2012, Nu Image

 Nu Image Magazine Announces, “Catalina” – An Island Escape from LA – Summer 2012 issue. Amy wrote about a “15 year waiting list for residents to be issues a permit to own a car…there are 800 oversized vehicles on the island”. ~ Says Paturel – Maybe they need a little room. They wrote about an escape … Continue reading

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