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smart car 2smart carA fiat today in the parking lot. Small – not a smart car but reminded me of the Chrysler. Anyway? Trouble – ?! A Fiat? Smart Car?
Chrysler Is bigger. Like I might, as a lady, like I might have said. – It is regardless! Mercedes and Honda designing a – well anyway
The fiat looked good, I told the driver it looks, strength of what it displayed and said the Smart Car on the highway doesn’t look like what, well at times it has appeared at me of strength. Less strength but the smart car looked like in costs it was – well the fiat also included a back seat and a little bigger.
Written & authored by, rosette

offering drinks, a full range of construction and management services. That’s what that’s written stuff, down for. My stuff written down for to type out but I don’t want to do it. save what is this..and I started to save it cause they were giving me attitude way out in never.
written – rosette zacie

Is manufacturing of vehicles different from construction? Management of vehicle construction….? Stuff written down for the purpose of me and I don’t deserve hurt or crime against me such as what god has pursued, no ? nonsense? No, god and pursuit of vehicle construction in management in manufacturing the fiat, it isn’t nonsense that god pursues, still in harming me now and attempting to call I think great when I suffer sorrow and misery of cruelty and calls it comfort at me.

Pursuit of vehicle construction in management in manufacturing the fiat – should be no such in manufacturing or mangagement but not different or criminal pricing but of pursuance – so people are compensated at the pricing rates.

A 15 year waiting list reference of a prior vehicle blog of mine…

Written & authored – rosette, zaxierciy



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