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15 year waiting list for vehicle…Summer Issue 2012, Nu Image

 Nu Image Magazine Announces, “Catalina” – An Island Escape from LA – Summer 2012 issue.

Amy wrote about a “15 year waiting list for residents to be issues a permit to own a car…there are 800 oversized vehicles on the island”. ~ Says Paturel – Maybe they need a little room.

They wrote about an escape in Catalina within the Summer 2012 issue of NU IMAGE magazine ~ On a page over – an “ESCAPE ROUTE” to various beaches in under half an hour sounds like a fun thing available.

Relaxation, and the site looks beautiful in Catalina. Jazz and Ocean adventures are mentioned as a part of the article to tie in with a subtitle dealing with escaping Los Angeles to Catalina….It’s like when you take a vacation, you want it to be a vacation. You know why it isn’t a vacation or couldn’t be and what you might be stressed or bogged down with.

Maybe…but a 15 year waiting list to have access to your vehicle since their are too many on site! weird!

Response, Written by: Rosette Jones



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