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Federal communications commissions issue equal fair neutral rules response

you hook your internet cord into the wall.

you hook your internet cord into the wall. it can touch the internet. It is a connections. It’s

FCC – Federal communications commission. It’s doesn’t need to be charged rates. Something they skip buying by getting customer purchase then on a forty five dollar revenue buy a two dollar connection for what they charged the customer. It’s connected. And now they are talking about equal space on the internet and requiring them to mess with search engine rankings. It’s a connection that might costs two dollars beyond greedy-ness profit seeking meaning charging what’s been paid for but what doesn’t belong to them to charge. This is greedy profit seeking.

IIt’s not theres to do or touch it in a FederalCommunication Commission act to implement not neutrality rules designed to insure that internet service providers treat all legal content equally. These rules unfair-tize it allowing them to touch anks more tan how they are ranked.

Business use popularity and so on. This isn’t neutral equality rules. it’s not even profit. They are loss rules designed to creat harm by lowering rank that they already received or searched for. So please search Rosette Is My Name. On the internet for this blog website, or facebook or linked in and my space and so on. like blogspot, wix and so forth operating in news responses artistic originalities and various article topics for reading option leisural requisitions. Comment!

By: Rosette Antoinette – A Jones Zacie




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