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New York Times Response

Where did the Water go? NY Times Reports, Drought in Midwest

Where did the water go? 100 people complaining about Well failure in area dependent on wells doesn’t exactly scream drought, or does it? with water levels  reported  dropping, and complaints of something sounding disgusting, that is ‘MILKY WATER’ as in “more complaints of water [going] milky, to spotty, to nothing” – yuck – milky water? sounds like it could look gross…The well isn’t a refrigerator or the typical ice box.

Just about 3.9% of Americans or so use private wells.  Looks like they are just waiting for the water to get going again. This isn’t that droughts are not new in reportings yet it seems new to this area. Just water going dry. Back up well room for water was reported $8,000 for an additional volume of water assisting with the correlation of an additional 440 feet. Resident said, “You don’t think of running out  of water.” So preserve, drink up. Waste to send the waters to area water plants so they can use it they way they do. And don’t waste using your wasting water…. Yeah…next thing you know make sure when your wasting water follow, the wasting water steps and procedures recommended.

New York Times Response, Written by: Rosette Jones



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