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How about Environmental Sociology part 2

winter 2014

The study of environmental sociology. The technology of sound going into the atmosphere environment of entertainment meant for the crowds loudness. The acoustics, sounds. the decision of technology sounds doing an atmospheric decision to sociological behavior alone and mixed going on in this example of technology to wrestling over and over. The sounds for the audience operating into the atmosphere while businesses think not environment or sociology, but profit for the technology decisions going into entertainment. Its an academic study initiative interest. Its for as wrestling industry asking for stating they are buying a ticket. A buying broadcasts and merchandise course of the technology in the wrestling. I doubt it and definitely the environmental sociology of technology in wrestling.

How about that merchandise. Develop it! While being slightly sarcastic, pay me to take it  (wrestling studies) seriously to bring something more than light first study looks (like money they seek instead of design/art or technologies) unless, which not in broadcast or ticket sales but maybe something in merchandise. I am smart enough to think du on this, – apple , i-pads, mp3, wrestling – streams, downloads, applications, wrestling stuff – no whatever. They do it or not. I-tunes or wrestling i-tunes.

By: Rosette Antoinette Jones zacie




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