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bitcoin boom!!! or the lottery

Won’t you be upset with yourself if you are in a position to invest $100 into bitcoin and it goes up another $13,000 dollars….worth around $14,268 cst at 11:00 on Christmas it has gone up over $13,000 dollars over  the past year for one bitcoin. Imagine if you would invested in bit coin when it  was worth $1.00 USD per bit coin. Still invested today you would have over $1,426,800 million dollars. That is something to speak about. If you have several thousand dollars, why wouldn’t you want to invest $100 in bitcoin if it could do the same thing again. Just six years ago it was worth $1.00 USD per bit coin in 2011. Now it is worth much more. You might regret losing out. I am not giving any advice at all here and I don’t advise investing all your money into bitcoin but I would try to go to websites like Coinbase.com where you can invest in partial shares of bitcoin and potentially have much more money as a result of the whole bitcoin process. I regret that I did not know about bit coin in 2011. Now I know better. Don’t you know better than to invest in risky investments? Is bitcoin risky? Yes, it is a very volatile currency that has made a lot of millionaires. Could you be the next millionaire? Will bitcoin pull it off again and have over 1400% return. I want it to. I moved a little bit of my money into bit coin and it has gone and it has gone down and I don’t regret it. I am not giving any advice. Do what you want. This is just my flat opinion of what appears as a better investment tool than playing the lottery.

merry christmas


Written by Rosette Jones




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