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Christian Non-sense, Responded

Response to Joel Osteen sermon yesterday

“instead of leaking…be everfilled” “Lord, thank you” “Make melody in your heart” “overcome every obstacle…defeat every enemy” ” When yiou complain you remain” – Response to these Joel Osteen quotes is below, by Rosette

now i don’t have joy but I’ve been harmed. But if you can have joy, you can be resolved with wonderful conclusions in joy. Can you make music in joy? I Rosette ask you and make resolutions of both new year and old. The bible says look at the birds they neither toil nor spin, yet your heavenly father [cares after] them. “I complain when it storms and might get a nice plastic surgery in  hopes God recognizes me regardless of my exterior. That doesn’t mean that when I complain I remain. But what is wrong with complaining if it is not what your remaining in? I remain healthy and strong but i am harmed and complaints result. Moreso in an involuntary manner. Complaints are normal. Now don’t leak but complain in order to remain. Recognize yourself and thank the melody(ies) as well. The melodies of birds of melodies of what musics you make and the songly melodies from Gods fairness and Lord’s grace. Complain to remain. “stop thinking about what you lost” and complain about rebuilding. rejoice in problems. 

By: Rosette Antoinette Zsacie Jonescross 1



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