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American Airline I_pad rant

They had to learn to fly without the I-pad originally. American Airlines pilots have an I-pad that unfortunately was described as crucial.To send flight plans to. Flight plans have been in other formats. Pilots should buy their own personal i-pad but seriously! A company issued ipad,  for flight plans, come on. The plane might crash cause they ran out of fuel and didn’t have their flight plans  cause the battery was low. We need to watch it. Pop culture.american airlines

People are on these planes. I-pad additions sound like a wreckless tool to fit in at first glance. But the sound ways to transport flights and passengers (people) safely from one destination to another. Chant it. Wee need our flight plan. We need our flight plan.

On our I –  pad though?No! So no news. They were out at the air port again. Ran out of stories. Check the airport. They might have one. This story is about the i-pad and the imperative-ness the airlines gives to it, calling the i-pad ‘crucial’ to flights. How did they fly before the i-pad? Did they transmit flight plans other ways of email or radar? Or print them out. A device not attached to the a plane. But separate is subject to low battery issues and misplaced, not having it on the flight. If the device doesn’t need to be a pop culture i-pad. What. These 1 million dollars a twelve, pilot-y aren’t in or what? 

By: Rosette Antoinette Jones



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