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Abortion Clinics Open

Abortion Clinics currently open in the billions and trillions of abortion clinics throughout various states. New abortion clinics will most likely build in Texas in nuisance extra cost surgical equipment regulations to a claim of standard. Standard.

this appears to ask how much it cost. A you think of what their facility. It isn’t this in reality. Some abortion facility you sting much more might have a lower score than one in operation.
It’s what I read. Inspections focus on various things for the facilities to keep in tack. I read? This facility is built in a newer year and used a different costs. Ridiculous.

That’s not a baby if its not dead though. Intentional miscarriages the woman was assaulted with a baby. She trying to protect herself – So, the baby just became a child – overnighting. She is assaulted and trying safe ways or emergency scared freaked out ways. And assaulted with calling her a murderer without conscience. Calling her a cruel human being, as the one attacked, trying to keep her life maybe. So the definition as re-defined accurately used – besides – anyway post poning the life.

So they put the child on hold for the woman and told her to believe she is a murderer. It is not trying to be harsh.

By: Rosette Antoinette Zacie – J



2 thoughts on “Abortion Clinics Open

  1. Satire or not, this post is in extremely bad taste.

    Posted by Kip | October 25, 2014, 12:26 am

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