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Dallas Morning News Response, Original Comment, Original Title, Responded

Plans! Energy! Democrats! Republicans! Injuries, 19! A seawall! Crash – plane.!.!

plane crash 2

Rick Perry, another president from Texas for the United states? Or re-election as governor? Plans announced in the Dallas Morning News cover – Rick “Perry’s plans” also announces  US citizens and other international citizens on a flight crash hitting a sea wall in California.  

  • An international flight from Korea to San Fransico crash 19 injuries reported on a flight of under/over 285 people on Boeing flight from Korea to the United States.

Hitting a sea wall sounds scaring – but those landings, and sometimes the take offs don’t feel like they might have. If it doesn’t crash, it doesn’t crash. So, it should feel like a crash and be a crash in take offs or landings since a not crash isn’t crashing.

  • Less deaths due to reports in advance “in flight aviations” preventing deaths and injuries.

No! doesn’t mean it is just technologic but any and other things they might do. Post 9/11 it is ridiculous. A bunch of extra fees? The crazy, I didn’t like reported against me,  at the time. They said, democrats saw the fees as a good thing, not the security. No, the security was different to a bunch of extra fake costs. I am in the USA!

They already had security. They already had stuff, even junior security retail companies. You see it in the movies, they don’t show everything. It’s Rosette. 

So, in other Dallas Headlines America waiting for Energy Bill – waiting for Perry’s plans? Energy doing something with aviation plans or governor plans? – no… It isn’t the same story.

But Energy plans for America. I turned on the heater and it was cold. The heater works. It’s cold. Energy crashing plans. Oh: Smart ass! Questions: leave me alone. Go away.

Plans! Energy! Democrats! Republicans! Injuries, 19! A seawall! 

Written – rosette, [j-zacoie

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