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5 million stolen from USA beauty queen to donald trump!


she might have 5 million…Just, they are going to sue, a millionaire is going to sue someone else with less money for a reaction from ranging in $5.00 to $5,000…

sheena monnin

So, hopefully she would have much more and it isn’t most or well I hope she is a thousand aire then – and she doesn’t have to pay after paperwork…

It reminds me of donald trump in such positions but an eminent domain over a golf course and supposed rejection of 2 million? no!

they didn’t offer it. theft… –

what do I think of donald trump”? – donald – right?

that’s not an I to anyone – don’t treat that way

                5 million and the beauty queen which makes appearances and does a bunch of things… the yahoo head lines about a law suit and 5 million

Greed of what isn’t there’s is one thing, but greed of what isn’t there’s to want them to say but when it is specific that greed of what isn’t theirs is one thing.

So anyway, millionaires suing others of less monies than but to extreme’s of damaging it’s own name. Trump! Seriously?!

Being rich after so much crap here and there and living they are rich and living they are in a position of non-assault’s of at least some, trump would gain rejected business and lose accepted business over things like this.

They have courses which focus on things- – Sarbanes and Oxley especially for accountants and stuff to and about these things.

They don’t care what happened?! Get out of my way. God shut up! That’s only you! You sent an assault down! This is my blog and your in my way!

They don’t have millions or the criminalities behind, let me take your little … coppers…

Okay! Let me sue you over things, Okay! I will – those things are one thing – they aren’t bout  money – the other things are just…

Well, anyway.

Written – rosette zaciericy



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