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Police- USA- Military (My boring blab at 6:05…)

animated carbeginning  short and/or or or/and longer blab about to my fellow natural cuts. Born and raised united America states of American citizens.

They are not protectors whatsoever when they agree to the systematic requirement of your protection. As I rosette, have said, in what I wrote previously of which God stole from me.

You don’t want the need – You want the benefit of the needs without looking for the needs as in specifically one requires the police for safety (not to policestarve for instance and have healthy food avail and medicinal) or various roles of security

They told me it might be a good idea not to type a part I might have so, (the next part)…

The next part. Well, next blog,,,

Written bY: rosette ,–  zacie, Rosette



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