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pitch perfect, simpsons … nothings on…

so this is the simpsons but  local current events specific isn’t the simpsons.

7 minutes left and they have bart on running around from an ostrich

“why you little” – homer’s popular saying but bart says it and chokes the ostrich instead of being choked

oxey candy not flintsones  – the funny stuff.ing around with  

end and not 7 minutes but they used 3. in the car on a way to – then at a farm appearing or house and an ostrich is there, still funny and a good for viewing…

bart’s running around with a farm animal but an ostrich

ostrich’s are at the zoo

pigs, lamb, horses, birds and the eggs, crops, cows, – the new thing they promote to buyers,

some local zoo with the radio was doing some local pet thing of things at the zoo. crazy, you won caller – usually they want the prize..

wheel of fortune is on but nothing else till picture perfect movie comes on, hope it isn’t assault this time. The singing looked really good

Simpsons is  better than  good. Wheel is a game show – boring

commercials have some entertainment value – 40 cheannels and now boring’s on. Wheel of Fortune’s fun but – It isn’t distracting enough like simspsons till picture peferct comes on. Simsons is better than good.

good entertaintainment is sometimes boring. I can’t take it I don’t want to watch seinfield, or real time with bill , or ET or CNN, , Access Hollywood, Extra, 2 and half men… that iLooood sitcoms but Good is boring

Look, Simpsons isn’t boring and it is at least good, watch…

so simpsons is good but, the sis……..

40 cable channels and for the next 20 minutes, till picture perfect, movie – the new one in 2013 – with OH, NO!!! PITCH  as in singing good or great comes on… looks okay…

written – rosette

fortune is promoting

look at the lobby



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