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21 ARTICLES in June – check my January, 23

a_w_root_beer21 ARTICLES in June – check my January, 23

My – august>? 32

  I knew august 2012 I’d published, pressed more.

face book sucks, temporarily not available website

some a & W root beer codes, the vending machine is over charging about $0.95 or .75 cents


the vending machine charging $1.15 and then I was buying a bottled drink, so jacked up crime. they anyway

well, how many words is this.?

June 30th final day of the month and I already said this

June 30th final day of the month and 20 or so blogs publishedx

and might get hit with the 1st of July

{a can picture is a good example, cause I got a bottle}

facebook a & W  are not and committing crimes, I wouldn’t even redeem it. I placed in one cap once for a sweepstakes. I have 3 now

I would be able to place one in but (code) 10 cent codes for facebook, redeeming – they started this back months ago….

“Sorry, fake system down.” – No, if I am able to do it anywhere else, I’d be able to do it. No, so…

The ridiculous attack – no! anyway

So instead of article or re-blog, report review, and so forth

An annoring blog, nuisance

…I like annoring instead of annoying for a minute

Written by- Rosette Zacie – (J)

It’s a blog, I can’t believe it’s a blog! – Rosette Zacie



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