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You published 44 Posts!

Congrats, you published 44 posts!

Easy reading is damn hard writing.
— Nathaniel Hawthorne

Off to to side for moment, at times there are notable quotes. This quote, Hawthorne, “Easy reading is damn hard writing” Man David Bach, Start (fill in the blank) Finish rich includes pursuit – Pursuit! another topic for another time. Back to point, Bach’s writing just whether difficult or not just is absolutely splendid on the reader when he either didn’t at all whatsoever consider those who might purchase the book or not be a fan audienced reading member.

side note...I was in mid twenties and he catered to his older audience and it was the first of his finish rich series I read through 4 years ago in 2008 some time of (April thru July) Anyway – it doesn’t mean it’s hard. The writing training people partake in could have been difficult enough for a decent or opposite of a complex piece – referenced a type of simple basic writing.

Anyway – “Easy reading….” People don’t like to read crap or boring pieces. Reading a one line and it just – well. Man nothing like looking at your fantastic amazing write – Write meant as thing you wrote or written. Usually someone say your fantastic amazing paragraph or story or article or blah who what the hek [gives a crap!]

write – write I termed something else which I haven’t released to anyone with graphic -This write  is right now in my PC carrier sometimes Dell referred to it as a Notebook well I have in which case about 4 notebooks and man easy reading – easy reading easy reading -( Now in the event of the 1 view which is probably me or some writers than, I Rosette, also know readers didn’t hear this write)

You published 44 posts! Soon to be 45  postings! Maybe a new quote on the side. Not a quote, another term of mine, like the write, an inspirational.

with this trash of a piece (they call it a rough draft) junk trash garbage

Hawthorne didn’t say easy reading – he said reading a ‘Spectacular! Wonderful – t’ake a look at this’ – Nathaniel Hawthorne: ‘Check this out!’ ‘You see this piece’ –  wrote as a quote ‘Take a look at this piece’ – that comment man – ‘Dude, you gotta check this out’ – good writing Inspirational writing are pluralized as is- good writing

Inspirational writing is pluralized as are – okay writing

oh dear – really pluralized a singular referenced between what is spoken about and stated as -well – it’s plural where it is plural at as singular – blah blah –

and I was just writing some junk for that above bit o bit.

You hear it – you see it – you watch it – Seen it?!?! watched it?!?!? heard it?!?!? heard damn good writing? Read it out loud to you or not. Read to yourself or not. So great when your reading you don’t always have to hear it. “Damn good writing” No….not just great or one of your favorite descriptions – Bach’s not that great to me but not so many authors are just like can I just open up a read for a minute

I don’t want to bore my audience 431 words – Oh No! It is getting too long. I’d suppose I insult some of my potential reading audience members with the writer as writers might dezire to either not entertain the reader or other aspects of reading boredom literary.

So, uh oh 477 words – Dare anyone get through 56 words. huh?!?!? “Damn hard writing” – Hawthorne…

45 posts..maybe a quote to be heard

Written by: Rosette Jones



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