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Original Comment, Original Reporting, USA Today Response

USA Today reports a clip on itself – response…

You want some original brand new reporting! A NEWS story! Something to take a note of…A bit of ‘wow’ factor, little or the lot. Something to take you aback? Maybe it won’t, it might or might not since it would or wouldn’t.

Maybe it doesn’t at all take you aback that a company. Since it wouldn’t take even some journalists as a shocker. One of the things is journalists and reporting doesn’t – real reporting doesn’t steal my work.

So, as for original brand new reporting with a potential shocker within reporting fields, you won’t find it where you won’t find it within reporting. Brand new reporting is to be found elsewhere. Nawt…  How ticked off a reporter would have to be to report in such a way!

So today’s brand new reporting would be found else where~right here elsewhere. In  original fantastic #1 reporting USA Today’s report, “USA Today will not be publishing a newspaper Monday because of the Labor Day holidy. For the latest in news, sports, business and entertainment. Visit us at usatoday.com or check our mobile app. We will be back in print on Tuesday.”


So, to comment, Christmas – printed publishing!!!! Thanksgiving – printed publishing – but a traditionally or generally accepted as a non-personal, non-family-ish, as in sentimental things go…Be thankful and loving and caring. And by all means Labor Day is grand, not something to be thankful to have what is deserved but receiving of thanks. I just like USA today and I typically enjoy a few decently great reported Headlines which at times, USA definitely issues. Since some of this is fact, it would be. So, Original Report, USA today appears an ANNOUNCEMENT report Slam of Labor Day and the celebration day for its reporting reports and just a day of a type of recognition since they can  and they have done both, reported tomorrows news a day early as on top and/or right on the brink of things. They have also reported two days ago, news last week, then the next month – in a few days.

Response Written by: Rosette Jones



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