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comfortable terrible… It’s terrible, but at least there is comfort? Maybe, maybe not… With a bit of snide and making fun of the play on terribly comfort in the title. Comfort ~ terrible … terribly – – -maybe/maybe not – Is there comfort when it is terrible? No! or it isn’t comfort. In a sport, baseball, which I might not find the most of excitement…You can be comfortable, but is it terrbile to be bored as long as you can claim you are comfortable? Patience, anticipation & baseball is baseball…..terribly….

Written by: Rosette

Response to amusement within a pieceg

Beyond the Warning Track

The Astros have been eliminated after another unsurprisingly awful season in which they’ve drawn comparisons to the worst team in baseball, the Cleveland Spiders of 1899. While I am no expert at baseball history – the wealth of lore and information available on the sport is beyond my current limited free time and data absorption capacity – a brief skim of the Spiders’ legendarily horrible season brought a few glaring similarities to light. The one most worth pointing out is that the Spiders’ roster was strip-mined for spare parts and all of the most worthwhile ones were sent off to a more promising market, replaced with a squad of underperforming relative unknowns. I was surprised to find out that Cy Young was part of Cleveland’s series of ill-fated transactions. Shows you how much I have left to learn.

While the 2012 Astros with their relatively thrilling current .313 win percentage…

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  1. maybe word press has tracking, I do not down grade my reblogs at this point with others titles, previous to this however, I’d began updates with a dash – and “Reblog comment in the title line.I responded to a quote, re-titled it, remember as plain as 1 minute ago. I would also, put in a category as ticked off, as I am, “Also, ORIGINALLY titled”

    Posted by rosetteismyname | September 2, 2012, 8:15 pm
    • This comment was inspired from a quote from within the piece, I wouldn’t agree to this…Like I said, maybe they have tracking. Otherwise, ~ Reblog.would have been in the title…Stressed pretty offended. Also, [that picture?]

      Posted by rosetteismyname | September 2, 2012, 8:19 pm

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