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A pleasant response to an offensively delivered original piece is what I got off of last times – “what makes it pressable”
So, noted, the pressable piece mentioned is involved in Politicals.
An idea: maybe suck up or not – or how about the honesty in the opinion of the blog. People do this in politics – So honestly, I was offended by last weeks original piece and re-sponded in a blog accordingly so, linked to the site of offense to the delivery of the answer.
The thing about it was What was said, and how it was stated….anyway. I hope crowd participation would assist you in helpful endeavors
So this example of one piece is more specific – maybe, but it isn’t – this is what they did, it is fantastic no matter what? Really? I hope they are fantastic pieces. A hook?!?! explained, and other aspects within what I’ve known and already learned at Higher Educational Learnings completing my Graduate programs in the College/University programs.
One comment I like, acknowledgement of speaking from perspective instead of opinion meaning fact yet sometimes the opinion of the event is fact. As such, her own perspective is opinion and speaking from any or all perspectives. This could mean she was open about being close-minded – or
Or, she was open minded altogether. Saying opinion as fact is different, people find their voice. That is literally from the topic of politics, which is different.
Point 1 – It says she spoke from her own perspective
Point 2 – She acknowledged both sides…
What! So, If she speaks from her own perspective – is she required to acknowledge both sides.
Bonus! Her comment moderationi was spot on…POLITICS! I must immediately critizize this remark for simple issue of subject matter – I found this wordpress site months ago through my own EXTREME political involvements and when it comes to politics people are hurt when it comes to issues. I understand their anger or yelling – but usually I don’t have to run into them when it comes to politics. I handle it.
Hurt and Injury – is a causal issue when people get rowled up. It doesn’t mean it is hurt or injury – but political issues and things effect people in ways which need to effect them in positive and good lights. When doing so, bad or wrong moderation OR POLITICALLY INCORRECT moderation is something that could be analyzed. – WAIT! so they are about writing not the actual subject matter – which is my speciality in POLITICS – delivery is a key isssue.
They include things like – “What makes a Post Freshly Press-able” – on a page at the top ‘post something everyday’ but it wasn’t the response to the question, The response was, “The frailest thing” Frail ~ – weak, feeble, delicate flimsy. I DOUBT highly that the blogger means what makes it pressable, – ‘the [flimsy] thing’ or any of the other synonyms to frail.
Response, Written by: Rosette Jones

The Daily Post

Every day, 19 WordPressers are featured on the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress.com. And every day, many more wonder, “What do I have to do to get Freshly Pressed?”

Well, it’s time to reveal what the folks who push the launch button are thinking. Each week, a member of our editorial team will do a close-up on one post and why we thought it was Press-worthy. We hope we can provide insight into the process and give you tips and tools to make your blog the best it can be.

Last week, we featured the post I’m Gay and Christian, a thought-provoking essay dismantling the false dichotomy of “homosexual” and “religious” by D.L., the brave and well-written teenage blogger behind a flock of crows:

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2 thoughts on “Reblog ~

  1. Reblogged this on Rosetteismyname's Blog and commented:

    Reblog, about published ….
    I don’t think I liked the idea that publishing to word press didn’t have a separate submission for wordpress freshly press. After over 100 within less than 12 months of original postings, I wrote in addition to a really bad attack…surely!
    The title is offensive. People press. They publish. What makes it pressable?! What! So many postings…
    So, I reblog my response from the Daily post back in August. The comments about an editorial review when several go out daily. And my best articles are always reviewed and looked over by the editor, sarcastically for the downgraded front page, cover page.
    So anyway,104 words and saying what we do or don’t of non-interest. I write to bore audiences and not to entertain them! Sarcastically. No, in fact, I put in a lot of time and effort.
    Written – Rosette

    Posted by rosetteismyname | June 19, 2013, 3:53 am
  2. What’s up, of course this post is actually pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging. thanks.

    Posted by Jamaal | July 6, 2013, 10:43 am

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