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Dallas Observer Response, Original Reporting

Join Everyone in October Arts in the Dallas area! 30 days….

Join Everyone – Announcements in October, prizes, days of free admissions and entertainment with Art Museums and Sculpture Centers, special events and encouragements of participation like the…

Art in motion, Bringing a Bike, Wagon, or other “artistically decorated” transportation vehicular type! Dance Africa – Fiesta’s, Block Parties, An Operan announcement of a Free lawn simulcast broadcast available in the Park and toward the end of the 30 Days in October in Dallas, “enjoy a two day Grand Opening” announces the Dallas Observer.

DallasArtsDistrict.org or contact the Dallas Observer for the referenced issue for more informations.

I hope you have fun in this 2012, Fall, October –

The thing that gets my attention which seems fun is any, “human powered vehicle” to bring in, join the procession to artistically decorate it and enter to be the best-decorated and might NOT win a very cool prize, but receive extra points for utilization on the chosen vehicle being a bike. So it appears, you can bring, in a wagon, skateboard, inlines, rollerblades, a car, maybe a mini-cooper, or the bug, a bulldozer – (me joking a bit)

But anyway, check out a separate selct issue of ArtInOctober.com with the Dallas Observer. You might just like it!

Response to a Dallas Observer speciality, Written by: Rosette Jones



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