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Texas Magazine Article Issue for July/August

So what sparked my interest in this piece was the opening statement, appearing sarcastic and rather alarmed and enticed by past and current event arguments in news, politics, and other events and current affairs. The statement says:

Can a money value be placed on the advantage of having a State free of professional bank stick-up criminals?

Really?!?!? It is shocking and amusing shown for reading recently on the near final pages of the Texas Banking Issue Volume 101 * No. 7 * July 2012. From the Texas Bankers Record, 83 years ago, This month… .this

Would it be advantage not  to have legal loopholes of which to call these rich men and/or women a type of professional criminal? (possible economical injuries ticked off) Do legal loopholes originally made to be utilized for purposes of assisting the consumers, tourists, citizens, overall globalizations, nataionalizations, and as such stated… humane factors, which involve the economy and effect everyone in itself. When these are taken away for the original purpose and abused, by people getting in the way of the intent meant to be utilized as and have those individuals claim they are against a good cause. The advantage of would not hurt and would not call for the term criminal in the event of the the reference of the advantage term, it is offensive to a certain extent or the individual could be offending or offended in the matter of the context of the question alone. So, the rest of the piece of the article is below.

  • What is the price of riddance? – This might have been possibly asked rhetorically…

Can a money value be placed on the advantage of having a State free of professional bank stick-up-criminals? Hardly. The standing reward of $5,000 for dead bank robbers in Texas has ridded this State of a horde of very desperate criminals. They are sojourning and operating elsewhere. Our Protective Committee conservatively estimates that the reward plan has saved Texas banks 50 daylight hold-ups in the last years. Letters from insurance officials say the plan kept burglary insurance rates down. Oklahoma banks now pay $11 a thousand. Ours would have been higher. (83 years ago)

So, it is a good question. “Can a money value be placed on the advantage of having a State free of professional bank stick-up-criminals?’ The thing about the placement of calling victimization of banking or money federal issues, or stock issues, or whatever specific or broad preference may be, advantage is an assistance for good and does not cause injury. With advantage, it would not cause the globalizations as advantages to a reference of historical “State” or as in current events, national impacts as well. Value is there any value within where one finds wrong-doing? Of course if the question is to be broken down to more specifically separate away from the rest of the piece, it is different; value is associated with advantage and thereby less sarcasm with the association of wrong doing to criminals.

Now the second term is the criminals. The reference to this piece commentary is partially correlated with or to the roles of the licensed personal bankers, broad or specific decision makers, stock brokers, also broad or specified reference of the criminology or crime committed to the benefit or advantage of the value of the amusement of find within the sarcastic question which calling a certain law criminal like the patriot act has been suited and proven a violation to the Constitution of the United States and within some court judicial decision makings the Constitution has overruled the Patriot Act or to not be taken out of context, and retain the Constitution.

People vote for a different candidate in which society results in different out  comes and  voters appear to even choose for the candidate that could appear to result in a worsened outcome (impacting them in immediate negative ways exact to or from a lifestyle) and it is ridiculous as they appear to draw to the same conclusion of a potential outcome against them for their-self than the opposing options available to them as a voter. No, yet still they make these decisions aware of negative and wrong disadvantages to their impacted life and as such, the few

few or the many errors continued through these individuals who could choose a better political decision.

Subjectivity is inheritent correct or true, thereby when one disagrees with wrong or as in my correct case then subjectivity is inherit in absolute perfection ally true as correct is correct. Wrong is wrong. Cruel is wrong. Wrong things are Wrong things. So~

Advantage associated with criminal in reference to society would never be at anyone’s advantage requiring or created a situation where a value or advantage is to be placed to be associated with the victim adding to the injuries as in a victim’s injury with victim already associated with injury.

The injured individual is a victim. The victim has an injury. The injured individual has injuries as when stated calling a thing about made up or otherwise any sort of advantage as associated with a good thing is never a advantage when created a situation not assisting in prevention. In the event one prevents crime, it is never the criminal which would be at an advantage for society or other, it is the positive enlightenments that assist. Any situation causing criminals , causes injury when especially, the criminal is different.

Written by: Rosette Jones



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