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Returning Home From Morocco: A Physics Lesson

bad planning usually might not mean boring but good planning doesn’t bring boring near. In the event that the physics issue deals with your unfullfilled actions of good, bad, fun or boring planning than have at planning with caution… (just kidding – about caution) fulfill actions – plann fun or boring what you are going to do…might be silly – plan boring things so you could have fun with the other things you planned which were fun….

So the above is a comment from the reblog – as I continue… maybe this was somehow dealing with college planning as the tab on the freshly pressed page had stated, ‘more college’ and a key word shown was college – it just doesn’t say it in the blog.

The mentioning of physics and the utilization of creative title-ling and piece writing placed physics good together with the referenced blog from this re-blog below…I am on it… My last 3 have been reblogs So…I am going to try to put out my next piece from a separate news blog.

Written – Rosette Jones

Reblog – http://internationalsheanniegans.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/returning-home-from-morocco-a-physics-lesson/#comment-150

International Sheanniegans

When most, myself included, envision a study abroad experience, the picture formed is one of an epic journey, a whirlwind of exotic adventures, and a movie-style score involving lots of string instruments and orchestral percussion to accompany it all.

Sometimes, it’s like that.

Sometimes, it’s not.

My departure from Morocco and journey back to the States was both everything it was supposed to be and everything it wasn’t. More than anything, it was a roller coaster of emotions. Much like an amusement park ride, it caused some of us to cry, some of us to be giddy, and some of us to puke. Regardless of how the journey was, however, we all ended up back where we started – at home.

I was happy to be home; I had missed being able to be involved in the lives of my family and friends. I had missed the independence of being…

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